v .1: A RISD Grad Journal

The publication revives a tradition of student publications at RISD and established an interdisciplinary community of conversation.

Designed in collaboration with Diane Lee, James Chae, and Prin Limphongpand

I designed a double-sided v.1 poster that served as a book jacket and announcement poster. Fold and score marks are left visible to signal the book jacket’s double-sided function. The table of contents from the book are shown to give the viewer a preview of the work in the book.
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Editoral direction by Jen Liese. Curated, edited, and authored by the graduate students from the RISD graduate class of 2016.

Printer: Puritan Press in NH

Contributors: Ala Tannir, Emily Grego, Jillian Suzanne, Paul Rouphail, Jagdeep Raina, Diane Lee, Drew Litowitz and Edek Sher, Mary Yang, Tristram Lansdowne, Nick Missel and Thalassa Raasch, Maggie Hazen, Rosalind Breen, Chris Goodale, Lisa J. Maione, Feiyi Bie, Sakura Kelley and Daniel Morgan, Hannah Bigeleisen, Caleb Churchill, Melissa Weiss, James Chae, Maggie Hazen and Tristram Lansdowne, Anne West, and Reya Sehgal